During the pandemic, our practices are guided by the Government, our regulating body, and the evidence based guidelines of our membership organisations. 

Updated: 18th May, 2020 

We are now not only limited to urgent patients with current foot health emergencies, but can treat the following: 


Painful areas of hard skin or corns 

Ingrown toenails which are inflamed or infected 

foot pathologies on people who fall into a high risk group (contact us for more information on this) 

Key workers who have foot problems which affect their ability to work


All patients must have a telephone triage appointment prior to any treatment to ensure that a face to face appointment is necessary and can be carried out as safely as possible. 


We will be altering the way we work for safety reasons. This will involve fewer available appointments and increased levels  of PPE which are currently about 3 times as expensive as they used to be! We will unfortunately have to increase our prices slightly to go some way to mitigate these increased costs. We hope our patients understand, and hope this can be a temporary increase if things return to normal at some point! 


If you think you'd like an appointment, please give us a call on

0191 369 2141